Computer Center (CC) is a virtual teaching and learning space shaped with input and feedback from TBIPOC participants. Its goal is to serve as a digital mutual aid network to help users access job opportunities, personal and professional strategies, and to offer a space for creative expression through digital mediums, specifically 3D software. We will be doing this through software training, online collaborations, hardware distribution.

CC hosts an online repository serving a foundation for current and future users to use in their personal and professional projects. It will contain:

• tutorials with demo files

• library of participant and contributor made 3D models

• templates – easy to use, drag and drop functionality for common use cases

• guidance for career and gig work – to assist in establishing transparent pay and contracts for 3D jobs

• user-made artwork

  Along with regular workshops, CC will screen and exhibit past and current participants’ work online and in collaboration with public spaces. This will serve as a fundraising tool for acquiring resources to distribute amongst members.

By offering training, engagement, and support with digital resources for content creation we hope to leverage our experience to heal and clad areas of education made inaccessible to so many.

Why [Computer Center]:

Support Network

Mental Clarity