This guide is meant to help those that are helping CC check-in with the right people and to help those that want to be involved with future projects connect, as well as, helping computer center is using its resources in the best manner

Group Name:

  • “Name’

(anonymous or initials are ok)

Team and businesses working with the project

(anonymous or initials are ok)


  • “Person 1” – “Role/Title”
  • “Person 2” – “Role/Title”
  • “Business 1”- “Reason and Role/Title”
  • “Business 2”- “Reason and Role/Title”

Information on the background of the project.

A brief intro or text summary.*


“Person 1 knows Person 2 from college and they used to work together at Business 1. Business 2 has an event in march and its relevant to the project and we want to make. Member 2 is into dance and may be interested in trying motion capture in the future.”

*This is to help guide the training of the group.
List skills or hobbies, not personal, unless pertinent to the project.

Visual Guide

Please include as many images that are needed to describe your project.
Keep repetition and choices to a minimum. Make sure to add images or sketches of key features.

If videos are bundled with the packet, please add a screenshot of particular elements you are referencing. Screenshots of videos as well as links that illustrate your idea will assist in keeping goals consistent.

– Video link or embed ( if you feel a screenshot shares the idea that’s fine too)
– Screenshot

– Video link or embed
– Screenshot

– Video link or embed
– Screenshot

– Video link or embed
– Screenshot

a Scrapbook of imagery describing goals

Mood board of Imagery describing concept

Pictures of Environments/Scenes
Pictures of Atmosphere (hazy, clear and bright, hot and dry)
Picture of Style – images that you like but their theme or other aspect doesn’t fit the visual guide. – “I like their look but if they had a winter wardrobe on instead.”

Written summary

a brief summary of experience in content the team wishes to create
-This is not an essay, but, if it will help, use this to describe your needs better.
– Any info that needs clarification will be handled in the upcoming meeting.