When creating games in 3D there are many approaches. Making the characters and items in the game (assets) is just one aspect. Designing how the game works is whole different world.

Various platforms to make your game exist and are known as ‘game engines”.

The major softwares being used are

  • Unreal Editor 4
  • Unity
  • Blender – 2.79 (internal game engine)

Some game engine software mimics previous computer gaming systems and some are built and run by fans that have a specific need or game goal.

If you just want to dive in and your game doesn’t require the power of these, there are many others available.

We have listed some of our favorites below

  • Pico8 – mimics a fantastic 8 bit game system
  • GB studio – mimics Nintendo’s GameBoy system – 8 bit – super easy to get started