The project packet assists in communicating your idea.

We are in the process of building a template to help with the process of laying out references and imagery.

There will be blank and a prefilled templates to help guide users. The project packet will be a living document, and will be updated for clarity and usability as we con to forward.

The project packet will include fields for:

  • members and businesses involved ( anonymous ok )
    • team member roles in the project
      This will help those that are helping CC, check-in with the right people.
      and to help those that want to be involved with future projects
    • information on the background of teammates involved
      This is to help guide the training of the group
      list skills or hobbies, not personal, unless pertinent to the project
  • a visual guide
    • a scrapbook of imagery describing goals
    • screenshots of videos as well as links that show idea
    • a brief summary of experience in content the team wishes to create